Colleges and universities often rely on custom databases or spreadsheets for developing and tracking financial plans, but these manual processes are inefficient and provide insufficient transparency to make data-driven decisions. 

Watch Syntellis experts Jen Mulvaney, Principal Solutions Engineer, and Todd Weinstein, Regional Sales Executive, show how to use Axiom Long-Range Planning to: 

  • Model multiple scenarios and develop mid- and long-term financial plans  
  • Evaluate the effects of changing internal assumptions and external factors  
  • Generate forward-looking financial statements 
  • Deliver executive-level dashboards with operational, financial, and third-party data 
Meet the Authors
Jennifer Mulvaney

Jennifer Mulvaney

Jennifer Mulvaney is a Senior Solutions Engineer with Syntellis, focusing on Higher Education. She has more than 15 years of experience in Enterprise Performance Management, helping organizations of all sizes with their budgeting and planning needs.
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