Effectively Define, Communicate and Align the Healthcare Organization Around Strategy

Strategy execution is a process that is evolving into a more integrated financial and operational planning activity that touches the entire healthcare organization. In this paradigm where strategic plans are increasingly based on their financial impact, the role of Finance is quickly evolving from a back-office function to a more strategic advisory role. At the same time Finance is being asked to be more agile and responsive to organization needs, the forecasting and planning models are becoming more complex and sophisticated.

This paper explores how these increased demands are acting as a catalyst for organizations to (re)evaluate their existing financial management processes and to implement frameworks and tools that support and align business in three critical areas (strategy formulation, strategy alignment, and performance monitoring).

Additionally, detailed within this whitepaper are topics such as:

  • The influence of industry reform on healthcare strategic planning
  • Enabling more agile and responsive enterprise performance management
  • Measuring cost and profitability trends by clinical service line
  • Performing dynamic "what-if" scenarios
  • Allocating capital to align with strategic goals