Cash Flow Based Budgeting and Forecasting for Banks and Credit Unions

Budgeting and planning can be onerous tasks for most organizations. Financial institutions face an even more complex planning process as they must focus on their balance sheet and net interest margin to ensure ongoing profitability and operational stability. Banks and credit unions often struggle to find the right approach to forecasting and budgeting to ensure precision and collaboration. If banks and credit unions do not measure margin contribution correctly or measure it too simplistically, they run the risk of motivating behavior that is dilutive or even destructive to the profitability of the institution.

In this paper, we review the shortcomings of traditional approaches to planning the balance sheet and present a more effective solution, Collaborative Cash Flow Margin Planning (CCFMP), an approach that has been embedded into the Axiom software platform.

Download this in-depth white paper and learn:

  • Traditional approaches to financial planning and analysis, and their shortcomings
  • A fresh approach to budgeting and forecasting - collaborative cash flow margin planning
  • The benefits of collaborative cash flow margin planning