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Delivering unparalleled healthcare insights 

Healthcare growth planning requires a complete understanding of the current market landscape and opportunities for expansion. Our market solutions, a combination of software and professional services, formerly known as Stratasan, go beyond data aggregation — they empower hospitals, health systems, and other healthcare providers to access and analyze curated, comprehensive, and up-to-date healthcare intelligence and know where to grow. Together, Syntellis’ data and intelligence solutions make it easy for healthcare organizations and their operations management leaders to strategically determine where, when, and how to grow.   

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Intelligent cloud-based SaaS software tools designed to drive strategic growth

Easily, objectively identify growth opportunities

Turn large, complex data into a strategic advantage with analytics tools for all skill levels. Using Stratasan’s analytics solutions, power analysts, senior executives, and marketers can easily leverage the latest intelligence, derived from cutting-edge data computation and analytics, on: healthcare utilization, demographics, physician loyalty, payer types, patient origin, market share, and more. 

Syntellis’ market solutions feature standard reports, a user-friendly interface to query data, intelligent visualizations, and regular data refreshes, so healthcare leaders have accurate, actionable insights to guide strategic growth plans, meet community needs, and maximize impact.  

Illuminate claims data to improve referrals and minimize outmigration

Fuel business development, referrals, and strategic planning with claims insights and market benchmarks from Stratasan’s proprietary All-Payer Claims Dataset (APCD).

Market Opportunity Visualization (formerly Focus Pathway) compiles, organizes, and analyzes patient volumes within a specified market — including: facility, care setting, physician, diagnosis, procedure, and payer information — and delivers longitudinal data intelligence and insight into the whole continuum of care. With executive-level and detailed reimbursement insights available in an easy-to-use database interface, decision-makers can:

  • Develop plans based on a deep understanding of where and how patients seek care
  • Increase patient value and address potential reasons for out-migration
  • Identify referral patterns and minimize leakage
  • Keep resources focused on high-priority activities

Maximize reimbursement with rate transparency and intelligent analysis

Replace complex reimbursement processes with unprecedented transparency across your health system. With our market solutions, you can view reimbursement rates by state, service area, and clinical and product categories, and see broad insights across the market or get details down to code-level allowed amounts by payer or provider. 

Designed to deliver actionable intelligence, Market Reimbursement Analyzer helps managed care teams:

  • Understand revenue opportunities and manage financial risk
  • Enter payer contract negotiations with a clear view of fair market reimbursement rates
  • Compare rates by payer and see rate trends across service lines
  • Analyze in-network vs. out-of-network gaps
  • Calculate potential return on investment of entering a new market


Strategic growth planning for a range of healthcare organizations 

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Acute Care

Drive growth and optimize physician referrals to keep more patients within network 

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Ancillary Care

Analyze the market and create strategic growth plans based on demographic, service line, and site expansion opportunities 

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Hospital Associations

Streamline the file submission processes for member facilities 

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Better negotiate appropriate contracts using fair market value reimbursement data

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Stratasan is now part of Syntellis Performance Solutions. Together, deliver unparalleled insights to healthcare leaders and create the industry’s most robust set of software tools designed to help hospitals, health systems, and other healthcare providers strategically determine where, when, and how to grow. Learn more about the Stratasan acquisition.