Syntellis’ Clinical Exchange Suite provides a scalable, vendor-neutral data foundation for interoperability across your EHR systems so your organization can improve care coordination and quality, increase operational efficiency, and raise clinician satisfaction levels.

Single longitudinal records

Single Longitudinal Record
Aggregate data from across the network to provide a single longitudinal record

Embedded EHR Workflow

Embedded EHR Workflows
Deliver data directly into a physician’s EHR to optimize workflow efficiency

Scalability for clinical exchange healthcare

Leverage our history, experience, maturity, and focus on interoperability at scale

"The team we worked with was outstanding. I could not have asked for a better team. I wish all the systems we work with were as professional and proficient as your staff, which included one of the best interface analysts I've worked with -- and I have been doing this for over 20 years."
Terri Valdes
Interface Testing Coordinator, RWJBarnabus Health

Clinical Exchange Solutions

Our scalable, vendor-agnostic solutions on the Clinical Exchange platform allow healthcare facilities, clinicians, and patients to access consolidated patient records in a single view.

Solutions include: 

Enterprise Budgeting Software

Securely exchange actionable clinical data with providers and patients 

Quickly and securely deliver transcription reports and hospital lab, pathology, and radiology results to affiliated and non-affiliated physician practices and patients, eliminating the need for online fax delivery and point-to-point connections.

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Treasury cash management dashboard in Axiom

Ensure accuracy and efficiency with electronic clinical order transfer and alignment

Securely deliver clinical orders from affiliated and non-affiliated physician practices directly to hospital systems in a format that integrates with existing workflows and IT infrastructures.

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clinical data transformation chart

See the entire data picture to improve decision-making and clinical outcomes

Gain a holistic view of network clinical data from internal and external sources so executives can make informed decisions, improve patient outcomes, and complete the data and reporting picture.

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Discover the Syntellis Difference

Leverage a single, trustworthy source of actionable data to simplify the coordination of care and improve decision-making.

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