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You’re already driving efficiencies with Axiom, so imagine what you could do if you brought your costing data onto the same platform. Clients with Axiom Cost Accounting & Decision Support see a 60% reduction in time spent on data management and reporting and a 50% reduction in time spent reconciling, loading, and normalizing data.



Now, more than ever, healthcare leaders need to effectively and accurately track, manage, and monitor expenses at both the organization and patient level.

Capture Efficiencies

Seek out efficiencies across your financial management processes to avoid the cost of additional resources.

Transform Costs

Effectively measure, manage, and analyze trends across all service lines and time periods to guide recovery and plan for the future.

Optimize Revenue

Find your fastest path to recovery with data and analytics that will help focus your efforts on the key areas of revenue generation in your organization.

In a recent ROI analysis, our clients found...

50% reduction

in time spent reconciling, loading, and normalizing data

60% reduction

in time spent on data management and reporting

1.5% reduction

in cost of care

3% increase

in revenue of one service line

"Axiom is much more accessible, flexible, and transparent than the prior system. Now we have direct access to tables and can understand all of the calculations.”

– Director, Business Intelligence

Cost Accounting & Decision Support Software

Modern and Scalable Architecture

The Axiom platform puts the power of data in your hands with flexible, extensible cloud-based performance capabilities that make it easy to analyze and understand today’s environment, model the future, and make informed, fact-based decisions.

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Proven ROI

Axiom software has a proven ROI that helps organizations bridge the gap between understanding healthcare costs and intelligently reducing them.

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The Most Expertise

We are healthcare practitioners and domain experts. Syntellis has been helping healthcare organizations succeed for more than a decade by providing objective insight and financially centered technology to empower sustainable strategies and goals. 

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"Axiom is so easy to use, the speed and performance of the platform make costing so much faster."

- Director, Decision Support System

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Our team of experts is here to ensure you get the most out of your software investment. We’ll provide the tools and resources to help you learn, grow, and connect with peers to maximize the use of your integrated Axiom solutions.


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