The potential for volatility in physician practice performance is ever-present in today’s uncertain healthcare environment. Many factors influence the long-term viability of individual or group practices, including patient attitudes and behaviors, competition from innovative providers, fluctuations in labor and supply costs, and rising compensation rates required to attract and retain top clinicians.

Physician leaders and the health systems that employ them need access to reliable, timely data to fully understand how their practices and individual physicians are faring relative to others in their market, across the region, and nationwide across metrics such as:

  • Relative Value Units (wRVUs) per Full-Time Equivalent (FTE)
  • Net Revenue per Physician FTE
  • Total Direct Expense per Physician FTE
  • Investment per Physician FTE
  • Support Staff FTE
  • Physician Compensation

Such data can help organizational leaders assess physician enterprise performance, identify strengths and weaknesses, and optimize opportunities for improvement.

Syntellis regularly publishes a snapshot of current U.S. physician practice performance, with data drawn from more than 135,000 physicians through Axiom™ Comparative Analytics. It offers vital insights on key performance indicators such as physician productivity, revenues, expenses, investments, and compensation.

The Comparative Analytics database is updated monthly and includes more than 6,000 measures spanning 139 aggregated specialty categories. For healthcare leaders seeking more in-depth analyses, the data can be customized into specific peer groups — such as by specialty, practice size, or region — or broken out by individual providers. While other physician data solutions rely on months-old data from self-reported physician surveys, Comparative Analytics uses the same actual, real-time data that physician groups use to track their own finances and operations.

Our goal is to provide the most current and relevant data to help healthcare executives and practice leaders stay informed and support sound decision-making on critical physician investment, compensation, expense, and other enterprise strategies.

See highlights of recent physician practice key performance indicators (KPIs) below.

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