Strategy Management software

Manage Strategy and Performance

Gain a full view of business performance linked to your strategic goals and objectives.

  • Model, evaluate, and prioritize initiatives all in one place
  • Deliver executive scorecards for showing financial, customer, process, and internal performance
  • Track initiatives, goals, and milestones, trends and variances against targets

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Strategy Management software


A Comprehensive View of Performance

Gain insight into the results of strategic initiatives—including financial outcomes, clinical effectiveness, cost effectiveness, and growth—within a single solution. Axiom Strategy Management software empowers healthcare leaders to create a rigorous strategic planning process and view performance from multiple perspectives by integrating data from multiple sources.


Tie High-Level Goals to Daily Work

Ensure effective execution of strategic and operational objectives by centralizing
strategic management and communication. Set clear targets and visually progress toward
strategic initiatives across all levels of the organization, from managers front-line staff.


Strategy Management Software - Initiatives

Connected Plans

Track initiatives with bottom-line impact and monitor the use of allocated resources against each project. Leverage this insight to focus the organization’s capital and human resources in the areas where they will make the greatest strategic contribution.

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