Syntellis Announces Enhanced Axiom Enterprise Decision Support Solution for Healthcare Organizations

Enhancements further equip hospitals and health systems with near real-time insights and an improved user experience

CHICAGO Oct. 20, 2022 – Syntellis Performance Solutions, the leading provider of enterprise performance management software, data and intelligence solutions, today announced enhancements to Axiom Enterprise Decision Support (EDS). The new features will better support the increasingly complex data and reporting needs of large healthcare organizations with near real-time insights for faster decision-making and an improved user experience.

“The demand for sound, data-driven insights that guide action has never been greater as hospitals and health systems face increasing pressures to improve care quality and outcomes while simultaneously cutting costs,” said Flint Brenton, CEO of Syntellis Performance Solutions. “Axiom EDS provides enhanced and powerful capabilities that deliver valuable insights at the point-of-decision to help customers reduce costs, optimize revenue, and improve clinical quality.”

Axiom EDS drives strategic decision-making with actionable business insights and advanced features, including:

  • An intuitive costing workflow with a simplified user interface designed to expand EDS adoption across the organization so key users have access to critical data that helps them make better financial decisions
  • New cost models that support granular or high-level costing, and assigning of costs to patients with more flexibility and control over costing process inputs
  • The ability to bring together disparate data sets via enhanced data models that scale to support improved performance for large, complex organizations
  • Ad hoc reporting in Axiom™ Intelligence that provides users the ability to easily compile data from multiple sources, making it easy to tell a cohesive financial story and eliminating the need for specialization and experts
  • Revamped integration of more than 100 clinical, quality and safety reporting measures that are visible through executive-level dashboards that are expertly designed to measure and track key clinical performance metrics to ensure accuracy of reimbursement and identify areas of high cost

To hear from one of our Axiom EDS customers please click here, and for more information on the latest Syntellis Axiom EDS solution, please visit this page.

About Syntellis Performance Solutions

Syntellis Performance Solutions provides innovative enterprise performance management software, data and intelligence solutions for healthcare organizations. Its solutions include enterprise planning, cost and decision support, and financial and clinical analytics tools to elevate organizational performance and transform vision into reality. With over 2,800 organizations and 450,000 users relying on its Axiom, Connected Analytics and Stratasan software, combined with No. 1 rankings from Black Book Research and an HFMA Peer Review designation for six consecutive years, Syntellis helps healthcare providers acquire insights, accelerate decisions and advance their business plans. For more information, please visit

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