$5 billion in assets managed and analyzed with best practices, 5 days to 5 hours reduction in report processing time, Transparency and control for Funds Transfer Pricing and cost allocations

To enhance its overall profitability framework, BCU wanted a comprehensive Funds Transfer Pricing system, more efficient cost allocations process, and streamlined reporting to drive better decision-making. BCU also desired a partner that offered industry-leading software solutions that supported best practices for profitability measurement and analytics.

After a rigorous RFP process, BCU selected Axiom for its intuitive and robust solution offering, including a single unified platform for Funds Transfer Pricing (FTP), profitability management, and reporting and analytics. The credit uses Axiom to automate branch reporting, configure the rules and calculations needed for an end-to-end profitability solution, and implement best practices learned from financial services experts.


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Automated branch reporting

BCU selected Axiom™ Reporting and Analytics Platform to reduce report processing and distribution times. Prior to using Axiom the credit union manually pulled data monthly and outsourced it to its vendor, a process that could take up to five days. Once the processed data returned, the reporting results were delivered to the branch managers in a large, mass-emailed PDF file. This process left little time between reporting deadlines and inhibited information sharing and reports with branch managers. With Axiom, BCU now can process its monthly reports in an afternoon and automate the population of data into branch-specific reports. Branch managers welcome the individualized reports, finding them much more useful and easier to understand than previous reporting. Additionally, branch managers can view their reports via a PDF file accessible on both desktop and mobile devices.

“With our growth over the years, it became increasingly important for us to streamline our reporting process, said a Profitability Analyst at BCU. “Since implementing the Axiom™ Reporting and Analytics Platform, processing times have dramatically reduced. We are now able to take a process that previously took a week and complete it in an afternoon. Also, our branch managers find the new format of their reports much easier to read and understand than before.”

"Since the implementation of the Axiom reporting solution, processing times have dramatically reduced. We are now able to take a process that previously took a week and complete it in an afternoon."

In-depth access to profitability and FTP expertise

During the RFP process, BCU specifically sought a vendor partner that would provide industry insight and expertise into how to best measure and report on profitability and funds transfer pricing. Prior to Axiom, the credit union relied on an outsourced vendor to make adjustments to calculations and to add reports, causing an additional burden on the already time-strapped team. BCU found the Axiom team well-informed on both the needed solutions and the specific and nuanced requirements faced by financial institutions.

“The Axiom team is very knowledgeable in their field and product,” said the Analyst. “They offer a great deal of industry knowledge, especially around FTP. We can see the Axiom™ FTP & Profitability tool is more sophisticated and robust than those of competitors, but its user-friendly design is great for my team. As we are a structurally complex credit union serving a variety of organizations and their employees, we are continuously analyzing our profitability on a branch and product level through this solution.”


Greater visibility in cost allocations rules and calculations process

Prior to its implementation of Axiom Software, BCU lacked the transparency needed to truly understand its cost allocations calculations. As an example, the outsourcing processes created a lapse of understanding for the credit union as to how the manually gathered raw data was transformed into the results reflected in reports. This became problematic for BCU’s staff, especially when changes to the calculations needed to be made. This required a time-consuming process in which BCU had to explain to its vendor what changes needed to be made, how to make them, and finally how to verify and ensure that the vendor’s changes reflected what had been requested.

"Working with Syntellis is like night and day from our last system."

“Our previous system simply calculated our cost allocations and provided us with the result,” said the Analyst. “This was problematic as we didn’t have the visibility we needed to understand how the data was being evaluated. As a result of implementing Axiom Software’s solution, we gained the ability to internally manage the funds transfer pricing and cost allocations processes. Having the ability to internally own these processes grants us enhanced visibility into the calculations and alleviates any confusion that may arise around reporting results.”


Customer Support

In addition to providing insightful knowledge around the product line and industry, BCU attributes the smooth implementation to the knowledge and experience of the Axiom Software team. “Working with Axiom Software is like night and day from our last system,” said the Analyst. “The support we have gained from all-levels is incredible. Support team members are always a pleasure to speak with, and they are extremely knowledgeable. This level of service really makes a difference.”


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