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Top 10 Banking Profitability FAQs

Most financial institutions desire growth, but not all growth is sustainable. Establishing a clear view into profitability — the customers, branches, products, and channels that truly create value for your institution — is essential to driving meaningful growth. This e-book explores 10 common profitability questions and answers that will help your institution develop a process that fits your goals and workflows.

Healthcare Clinical Data Set

Syntellis’ healthcare data set aggregates clinical benchmarks from more than 1.5 million patient encounters to deliver a near real-time view into cost, quality, safety, and utilization...
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Axiom Critical Healthcare Insights

Many healthcare finance teams have visibility into their own performance metrics but not into industry benchmarks, which prevents them from gauging performance relative to other...
Services & Solution Brief

Shaping Your Institution’s Future

With rising inflation rates and a probable recession looming, financial leaders at higher education institutions are tasked with the burden of preparing for the worst while predicting...

Let Syntellis Shoulder the Burden of Workforce Challenges

In today’s tight job market, it’s harder to recruit and retain employees so many financial institutions are operating with a reduced workforce. If you’re facing workforce challenges, such as staff turnover or stretched resources, Syntellis’ Managed Services can help. Read how!
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