Measuring What Matters

Performance management, value-based reimbursement models, and healthcare planning all have one thing in common — they’re better when informed by financial and clinical data.

Realizing ROI on Data Governance and Analytics in Healthcare

Healthcare performance improvement and quality measures depend on access to high-quality data as well as a data governance function — adopting roles, processes, and tools to manage data and analytics. That’s why healthcare organizations that want to drive real, lasting change prioritize investments in data, analytics technology, and analysts who can generate meaningful insights from raw information.

4 Tips to Reduce Operational Costs in Healthcare

Across the healthcare industry, the early months of 2022 brought widespread staffing shortages, inflation, and relentless cyber threats — all compounded by the pressures of the ongoing...

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Market Analysis and Monthly Hospital & Physician KPIs: April 2022

COVID-19 cases plummeted in February and March following January’s Omicron surge, and healthcare providers nationwide are beginning to see performance metrics stabilize somewhat as a result. Yet hospitals, health systems, physician groups, and other providers face continued challenges from ongoing workforce shortages, inflation, and supply chain issues.

How to Structure Data Governance in Healthcare

Healthcare, not unlike other industries, has experienced a digital transformation. With modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) and electronic health record (EHR) platforms, healthcare organizations can capture more operations and patient data than ever before.

Profitability Analysis in a Changing World

As interest rate expectations spark optimism, yet margins remain compressed, it can be difficult to get a pulse on profitability. It's time to go beyond internal metrics and compare...

Market Analysis and Monthly Hospital & Physician KPIs: March 2022

Healthcare providers had a rough start to 2022 as the Omicron surge drove COVID-19 cases to record-high levels. Both the sudden spike and the abrupt drop in cases in January and February have left hospitals, physician practices, and other healthcare providers reeling. Volumes remain unstable and expenses continue to rise at unsustainable rates due in part to nationwide workforce shortages.