Healthcare Market Analysis: Which Departments are Thriving?

As hospitals and health systems continue the journey toward normalcy in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis — while navigating emerging challenges, such as the Delta variant — there are many signs of recovery, as well as some ongoing struggles.

Managing Budget Variances Through Monthly Review

Even before the budget for your college or university is approved at the highest level, it may already be showing its age as financial conditions change across campus or across geographies.

Why Financial Institutions Must Plan Ahead to Stay Agile

Organizational agility was critical in 2020, as financial institutions faced an unprecedented crisis from the COVID-19 pandemic. Nearly a decade’s worth of innovation and technical upheaval occurred within a year, forcing companies to deviate from plans and adapt quickly.

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Top 5 Healthcare Finance KPIs: May 2021

Recent gains bode well for recovery among the nation’s hospitals and health systems, but a return to normalcy still remains elusive. Read why.