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7 ways Axiom software empowers remote work in colleges and universities

7 Ways Axiom Supports Working Remotely

The global pandemic has reshaped how people work — perhaps forever — as home becomes the new office. Syntellis’ Axiom™ Higher Education Suite supports online working and collaboration...
Man jumping over hurdle

Building Agility for the Unknowns Ahead

Our new report finds that healthcare leaders are more confident their organizations can adapt swiftly to unexpected changes as a result. Read more.
Healthcare Finance KPIs - November 2020

Top 5 Healthcare Finance KPIs: November 2020

November 2020 saw an increase in COVID-19 cases that placed new pressures on hospitals and health systems, even as executives eagerly anticipated emergency use authorization of COVID-19...
Top 5 Healthcare Finance KPIs for October 2020

Top 5 Healthcare Finance KPIs: October 2020

Key performance indicators (KPIs) from October 2020 indicate a difficult winter for the nation’s hospitals and health systems amid a fast-rising increase in COVID-19 cases and ongoing...