Switching healthcare data analytics partners can be scary. But keeping the status quo could be a costly mistake.

Here’s what’s at stake:

  • With an outdated analytics platform, your team will fall behind the competition
  • If you’re working with modeled data, you’ll be making strategic decisions based on faulty intelligence
  • If your partner is weighted down by corporate red tape, you’ll be held back too

Staying associated with a sub-par partner can lead to lost revenue, marketshare, and diminishing physician relationships.

In spite of the potential issues, the largest hospital systems in the country have made the switch to Stratasan.

With a switching timeline that can have you “live” in 60 days, your team will be able to fully detach from your old vendor and onboard with Stratasan quickly and efficiently.

This tool is amazing! It's going to save me hours and hours of work every month!” -Kim Reynolds, Director of Planning & Marketing, Hamilton Healthcare SystemWith the right partner, you’ll be able to evolve with the pace of healthcare, equipped to do the following:

  1. Query complex datasets in minutes, not hours, and finally get the strategic insights you’ve been looking for
  2. Track your market share, clearly define where you have influence, and pinpoint where you should focus your growth efforts
  3. Create real-time visualizations of demographic and market data and see where volume is increasing or decreasing and what service lines are being utilized
  4. Trace patterns of patient care and gain a better understanding of physician referrals

I’ve evaluated all the large vendors when it comes to state hospital data and Stratasan is the only one with the usability and flexibility to not only meet any need I may have, but also do it in a manner that reflects the technology of today. -Aaron Howell, Senior Strategic Planning Analyst, Lee Health

The Takeaway

In a healthcare ecosystem where change is the only constant, you need a partner who has a nimble, creative in-house team of developers and data scientists capable of keeping pace with its evolving needs.

Stratasan’s robust and adaptable analytics platform, and transparent approach to data analysis, will allow you to grow at levels that were never before possible.

With Stratasan’s tools, we immediately get to what we need. Everything is so easy to access and is updated with the latest data. The HCM team saves hours of work every quarter. -John Leftwich, Senior Strategy Analyst, Hill Country Memorial