Make Sound Business Decisions With the Right Financial & Clinical Data

Our modern cost accounting and decision support solutions provide reliable and trusted data to identify opportunities to improve cost and quality outcomes.


Cost Accounting & Decision Support Software
Cost Accounting

Understand your costs and do something about them

Gain an accurate, comprehensive view of performance across cost, quality, and service measures. Our Axiom Cost Accounting solution supports advanced costing methodologies and balances detail with accuracy, flexibility, efficiency and sophistication and accurate reporting across patient populations.

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Integration with Epic increases accuracy and decreases effort

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CPM Reporting of Cost & DSS software
Decision Support

Delivering Value Requires Understanding Costs

Timely and accurate visibility into financial and clinical data is vitally important under value-based models to drive decisions. Our decision support tools empower finance and clinical leadership teams with insights across cost and quality through 10 new clinically oriented dashboards, powered by Axiom Intelligence, leveraging 100 clinical performance measures that have been processed through our Axiom Clinical Analytics software.

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"Our senior leadership wants to make informed decisions on our entire network of services. So when we looked at what decision support has to have, we had to rethink how we were bringing information into the system."

Chief Financial & Administrative Officer

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Axiom Software vs competitors for cost accounting & decision support software
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Black Book Research recently recognized several #1 user satisfaction rankings for Axiom Software solutions, including: Axiom Cost Accounting, Axiom Decision Support, Axiom Contract Management, and Axiom Comparative Analytics.  

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